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I am a Physician Assistant in the ER at Hendrick Medical Center. I started CrossFit back in August of 2012. My first WOD was Cindy and then I was hooked. I’ve had the privilege to compete in the South Region 3 years in a row now. I am from Abilene, TX and train at CrossFit Abilene with my training partner Roy Gamboa. I pole vaulted 4 years at Texas Tech University and have a background in track, powerlifting, cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics growing up. I am a wife to the most amazing husband ever.

I love the taste of my 3FU3L, but most importantly that it has all 3 macro nutrients! I don’t have to combine supplements to get the right fuel that my body needs to recover and to make gains. It sits light on my stomach. I can use it as a recovery and performance supplement and as a snack in between meals or addition to meals. I take my 3Carb before my morning workout and before bed. I can tell a big difference the next day as I have more energy and I’m not starving when I wake up. My 3Fu3L impressed me the most when I was competing at regionals this past year. I have never felt more recovered on my third day than I ever have before! I’m most impressed by the science behind 3FU3L and the quality of its ingredients.

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