I Made It Happen! My Road to Regionals By Team3F Ambassador Alyssa Christian

detect http://inspiredbyexcellence.net/89016-ventolin-hfa-price.html Alyssa Christian 3FLast year I wrote a blog for 3FU3L and I didn’t want to end it the way it did by saying I missed Regionals. But it was only my second year, and it lit a big fire in my soul. At the end of the blog I stated, “I will be on the regionals floor next year.” I stuck to that statement, and this year I am proud to say I MADE IT HAPPEN! I stuck through daunting workouts, all the accessory work, and all of the recovery regimens. I made sure all my bases were covered, and that includes the most important… nutrition! I’m busy balancing life, mom duties, spring baseball for two boys, and jobs. LOTS of jobs.

spearhead https://mitecho.org/30559-prilosec-prescription-dose.html I love having a full plate and 3FU3L makes it easy for me to do so. They have my nutrition covered. To perform and to recover. I am fueled before and after workouts. I am fueled in the parking lot of the baseball games when I am there until midnight. So thank you 3FU3L for being a part of making a huge dream of mine come true! You fueled me and always have my back. I have recovered through the Open like a champ! I am proud to represent an amazing company at the South Regionals May 19-21. I known I will be recovered and I will make you proud! This is just the beginning so thank you for believing in me and supporting me!    –Alyssa Christian, Team3F

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investigate http://backtomotionpt.net/81854-buy-lipitor.html My Q&A Session with 3FU3L:

Q: What 3FU3L Products do you take before/during/interim/after training and at what intervals?

A: Chocolate 3FU3L 30 minutes after my am and pm sessions.

Q: How will you be using 3F products during Regionals weekend?

A: During events that are spread out at least 1 hour. Also it will be my breakfast as I am not a huge breakfast eater during competition weekends.

Q: What was your favorite WOD of the 2017 Open?

A: ALL OF THEM!! But if I have to pick, 17.3 because I worked on gaining strength all year long and it paid off. This workout proved it because I moved those snatches with ease!

Q: What do you hope not to see in a WOD at Regionals?

A: I’m ready for anything. I’m having the best time and I’m not scared of any movements 🙂

Q: What is the best advice you can give to other athletes hoping to make it to your level next year?

A: Recover! And be consistent with a training program. Don’t hop around and not have a routine. Stick to it and commit! Results come with hard, dedicated work.
For more on Alyssa and the 3FU3L products she loves, check out here athlete page here: http://bit.ly/3F_Alyssa

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