I Made It Happen! My Road to Regionals By Team3F Ambassador Alyssa Christian

Alyssa Christian 3FLast year I wrote a blog for 3FU3L and I didn’t want to end it the way it did by saying I missed Regionals. But it was only my second year, and it lit a big fire in my soul. At the end of the blog I stated, “I will be on the regionals floor next year.” I stuck to that statement, and this year I am proud to say I MADE IT HAPPEN! I stuck through daunting workouts, all the accessory work, and all of the recovery regimens. I made sure all my bases were covered, and that includes the most important… nutrition! I’m busy balancing life, mom duties, spring baseball for two boys, and jobs. LOTS of jobs.

I love having a full plate and 3FU3L makes it easy for me to do so. They have my nutrition covered. To perform and to recover. I am fueled before and after workouts. I am fueled in the parking lot of the baseball games when I am there until midnight. So thank you 3FU3L for being a part of making a huge dream of mine come true! You fueled me and always have my back. I have recovered through the Open like a champ! I am proud to represent an amazing company at the South Regionals May 19-21. I known I will be recovered and I will make you proud! This is just the beginning so thank you for believing in me and supporting me!    –Alyssa Christian, Team3F


My Q&A Session with 3FU3L:

Q: What 3FU3L Products do you take before/during/interim/after training and at what intervals?

A: Chocolate 3FU3L 30 minutes after my am and pm sessions.

Q: How will you be using 3F products during Regionals weekend?

A: During events that are spread out at least 1 hour. Also it will be my breakfast as I am not a huge breakfast eater during competition weekends.

Q: What was your favorite WOD of the 2017 Open?

A: ALL OF THEM!! But if I have to pick, 17.3 because I worked on gaining strength all year long and it paid off. This workout proved it because I moved those snatches with ease!

Q: What do you hope not to see in a WOD at Regionals?

A: I’m ready for anything. I’m having the best time and I’m not scared of any movements 🙂

Q: What is the best advice you can give to other athletes hoping to make it to your level next year?

A: Recover! And be consistent with a training program. Don’t hop around and not have a routine. Stick to it and commit! Results come with hard, dedicated work.
For more on Alyssa and the 3FU3L products she loves, check out here athlete page here: http://bit.ly/3F_Alyssa

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