Patrick Cummins

3FU3L and 3CARB serve, ironically, 3 important uses for me (3US3S).
1. My MMA training usually consists of 2 training sessions per day, so having 3FU3L in-between sessions is essential for getting the best performance during my evening session.
2. I spend a ton of time in the gym, so breaking things up and taking my training outside is a part of my weekly routine to keep things fresh. When I need to hit the reset button in the gym, mountain biking is the answer and sipping on 3FU3L mixed with a little 3CARB gets me through those long workouts on the trails.
3. When I compete, I cut over 20 pounds the week of the fight and I have 24 hours to rehydrate and be at my best. 3FU3L and 3CARB are the first things I put in my body after I step off the scale because if I’m going to demand the best from my body, I need to put the best into it.


Starting out as a walk-on at Penn State, Cummins worked hard and went from the last man on the team roster to one of the top wrestlers in the nation, earning All-American honors twice and placing second in the NCAA National Tournament by his senior year. Building on his collegiate success, Cummins went on to make two National Teams in freestyle wrestling before making his transition to Mixed Martial Arts. Cummins began his MMA career in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as part of the EA Sports MMA Fighter Exchange.  He won his inaugural Strikeforce bout in just under three minutes by TKO. Cummins currently fights in the UFC and is one of the top Light-Heavyweight fighters in the world.