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Buy Viagra 25 mg in Akron Ohio, Buy Viagra amex in Atlanta Georgia


3FU3L uses only the highest quality 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Hydrolysate. We are one of the few supplement companies to offer Whey Hydrolysate, rather than the cheaper Whey Isolate (concentrate). Whey Hydro is better because it is digested and absorbed much quicker due to the low average molecular weight of the protein combined with its high percentage of di- and tri- peptides. Because the protein in 3FU3L is digested so quickly, you can drink it before training or competing and not feel bloated, but you can also drink it during a long event as a fuel source for sustained energy, or drink it afterwards to begin the recovery process immediately.


3FU3L contains 3CARB™ as the carbohydrate source, which is a hydroxypropyl distarch-phosphate (hdp) waxy maize. 3CARB™ kicks in after the MCT’s are used and helps signal your body to continue to burn fat as an energy source. Waxy maize is a low glycemic index carbohydrate made primarily of amylopectin. It is an extremely high molecular weight carbohydrate, meaning you can fit the same amount of carbohydrates into a given area with a lower number of molecules, not only making it both easily digestible and absorbable but also long-lasting. The waxy maize hdp in 3CARB™ boasts a ~50% higher molecular weight with an even lower glycemic index. 3CARB™ is not only a superior fuel source, but also boosts fat utilization as well as resting energy expenditure.


The powdered coconut milk used in 3FU3L is from an organic and non-GMO source. We use coconut milk as the primary source of fat in our product because the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) from the coconut milk are not metabolized the same way as traditional fats. When digested, coconut fats yield saturated MCT’s and monoglycerides which provide an immediate energy source that can be absorbed intact from the small intestine. These immediately metabolized MCT’s increase resting energy expenditure and aid in the oxidation of long chain fatty acids, as well as trigger the mobilization of stored body fat for use as fuel.


Betaine is a natural derivative of the amino acid glycine which is found in spinach and beets. It protects cells against dehydration by increasing intracellular hydration levels. But perhaps more importantly, it acts as a methyl donor and can ultimately synthesize creatine in skeletal muscle. Supplementation with Betaine has been proven to decrease lactic acid accumulation, increase power and sprint performance, and also increase endurance output. It has also been shown to allow athletes to maintain 100% of their power output during two consecutive days of squat workout at 85% of their 1RM.

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